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Happy 5th Anniversary Amber and Dan

Mt Isa Wedding

I just can’t believe that its been five years already that Christine and myself headed off on a jetplane to fly to Mt Isa to share the wedding day with these two. Mt Isa has one flight in and one flight out per day, so if your late, you have top wait for the next day.

It was safer to fly in the day before, on the Friday, found our motel and then met Amber and Dan to do a bit of scouting. What can I say? Five minutes out of town and we are in the middle of the classic read earth Australian bushland. Just beautiful.

What else can I say. I’m just going to let The wedding pictures tell you their own story of how happy these two were on there wedding day and so much in love.

Five years later and nothing much has changed.

TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_001 TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_002 TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_003 TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_004 TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_005 TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_006 TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_007 TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_008 TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_009 TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_010 TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_011 TWK_Studio_MT_Isa_Amber_Dan_012


Photography by Thaddeus  from TWK Studio

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