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I was having a look through our archives the other day and realized that somehow we had missed putting up Angela and Gerhard’s wedding pictures for her friends and family to enjoy. How we managed to do that is way beyond me as Angela was an absolutely gorgeous bride and I nearly had to have a fist fight with Jenny about who was going to share their wedding day with them.

Jenny won.

The two of them came to see TWK Studio more than a year out from their wedding date which is a pretty normal thing to do if your wedding is in the more popular months. Next thing I knew they had moved somewhere else.  I’m pretty sure they moved house a few times in that year before the wedding day.

Before we knew it, the time has arrived. A year really goes fast when you’re  planning a wedding, let me tell you.

A keep the stress of a wedding day to a minimum is to keep everything in one place.

Great idea.

It cuts out on the need to hire wedding cars for a start and it saves soooo much time.
Has anybody heard of Kanbeki House, 672 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Valley? I thought I had been to every place for a wedding between her and Melbourne , but this was a new place to experience.

I found this on their website…..

Kanbeki House is located in the picturesque Currumbin Valley
Currumbin Valley is the ‘Green Soul’ of the Southern Gold Coast. Bounded by sheer escarpments, the valley is dotted with crystal clear creeks and rock pools, cascading waterfalls and picnic spots.

As part of the Springbrook National Park, this ecologically-rich valley forms part of a globally recognized Green Cauldron which is a world heritage listed sub-tropical rainforest. The park protects valuable wildlife habitat and a diverse range of animals.

Currumbin Valley has many hidden treasures, from scenic drives to Murwillimbah with roadside stalls offering fresh produce, to picnic areas, bush walks, health camps, and markets held on the last Sunday of each month.

The Kanbeki Property

Kanbeki House sits majestically on top of Currumbin Valley’s rolling hills, and is surrounded by 14 acres of manicured gardens and lush green pastures. From every viewpoint there are breath taking views of the valley below, rising to a beautiful mountain backdrop. For those who respect quality and love the finer elements, this outstanding property is without compromise.

For function and wedding venues Gold Coast, Kanbeki offers a unique blend of professional venue facilities and inviting leisure activities. There is something for everyone. Whether you are up for a game of Tennis, a refreshing dip in the swimming pool, a relax in the sauna and hot tub, or some social action in our lavishly appointed games room, Kanbeki House offers the choice of a fun or a relaxing element to any occasion. Our professional team will cater for all your needs and any request.

Anyway, the pictures tellall about the day Angela and Gerhard were able to share with family and with friends.

And Angela is a big softie

TWK_Studio_THurleu_01 TWK_Studio_THurleu_02 TWK_Studio_THurleu_03 TWK_Studio_THurleu_04 TWK_Studio_THurleu_05 TWK_Studio_THurleu_06 TWK_Studio_THurleu_07 TWK_Studio_THurleu_08 TWK_Studio_THurleu_09 TWK_Studio_THurleu_010 TWK_Studio_THurleu_011 TWK_Studio_THurleu_012 TWK_Studio_THurleu_013 TWK_Studio_THurleu_014 TWK_Studio_THurleu_015 TWK_Studio_THurleu_016


Photography by Jenny from TWK Studio

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