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Belinda and Grant have a wedding at home on the 4th of June 2011 

Isn’t it fun to be able to have a wedding in your backyard with your close friends and not have to  worry about travelling to and from  hotels, churches , reception venues and the like. Belinda and Grant did  everything at home in New Beith, (thats just outside of Brisbane). The backyard was large enough to have a  pretty big  marquee, the live band was simply fantastic and everybody basically helped themselves  to a load of fun.

TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_001 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_002 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_003 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_004 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_005 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_006 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_007 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_008 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_009 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_010 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_011 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_012 TWK_Studio_Begley_Sampson_Wedding_013






Photography by Thaddeus from TWK Studio

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