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Wedding Booking Agreement

The booking form below is the first step in a three step process. Please perform the following steps:

1.) Complete the form below

2.) When completed you will be taken to TWK Studio secure payment page.
Please enter $295 in the amount field and press the Make a payment button.

3.) Please press ‘place order’ and follow the prompts to enter your payment details.
Finally press ‘place order’ and the payment will be finalized.
Thank you.

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1. This agreement constitutes an order for Wedding Photography with TWK Studio. It is understood that all images remain the property of TWK Studio and any photograph taken may be used for display, promotion, advertising or any purpose thought proper by TWK Studio.

2. I / We hereby assign the copyright of all photographs taken by TWK Studio to TWK Studio.

3. All care and diligence will be exercised in the performance of the above assignment and that in the event of mechanical failure, theft, accident or any other mishap, the liability of TWK Studio is limited to the refund of monies paid.

4. TWK Studio is hereby retained as the sole and exclusive photographer to perform the photographic services requested herein. Couple shall take all necessary steps to ensure that this provision is enforced.

5. The fee shall be paid at the time of authorizing this agreement with the agreed coverage payable at least two (2) weeks prior to the wedding day.

6. Upon signature, TWK Studio reserves the time and date agreed and will not make other reservations for that time and date. For this reason all fees are non-refundable if the date is changed or the wedding cancelled for any reason.

7. I / We agree to advise the hire cars and caterers of the schedule outlined in the PHOTOGRAPHY PLANNING sheet.

8. We understand that should the nominated photographer not be available for any reason, the Studio will provide another studio photographer and notify us of any change.

9. This order is binding upon the parties, their successors and assigns and may only be altered in writing by the parties