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Brooke and Callum’s rainiest day for a wedding

Photographed by Jenny from TWK Studio

So, what do you do when you wake up in the morning on THE most important day of your life (apart from the day you actually came into this world), you look out of the hotel window of  Oaks on Felix and you can’t even see the Story Bridge across the river?  Have a look at the first picture of the blog photos. This would have to be the rainiest day for the last 10 or 20 years

Would that be enough to tie a little knot of anxiety in your stomach?

Would you be thinking of breakfast knowing there was a long day ahead of you?

Thoughts like these must flow through a bride’s mind when Mother Nature decides to give the City of Brisbane a bath on your wedding day. The wettest day for about 20 years and it’s your wedding day.


What usually happens is that there is a bit of rain, and if it’s in the morning it clears up for the afternoon. Just make sure there’s an umbrella handy and it’s all OK.

Not this time. But the day must go on.

Brooke’s hair and makeup was done by Suzy Thalhammer from Mystique Salon.

The wedding Gown was designed Mia Solano from Luv Bridal

Emily Russel, a family friend arranged the flowers for Brooke.

Callum had a bunch of his friends with him when he was getting ready but when you think about it, guys don’t really need to do much on a wedding day except get dressed in the suits and turn up on time. The suit by the way was from Ed Harry at Northlakes.

The Ceremony.  RiverLife  on the Brisbane River at Kangaroo Point

With spectacular views and an unparalleled location, Riverlife is Brisbane’s most unique and exciting wedding venue. Located right on the Brisbane River in the heart of the CBD, Riverlife gives you not just the most exclusive location, but the most stunning backdrop for your special day.
Riverlife does have outdoor areas as well as undercover areas and Brooke and Callum’s wedding day really needed plan B. And it all went without a hitch.

Everybody gathered under cover where the ceremony was conducted by Steve Hill, Civil Marriage celebrant

Decorations at the wedding location and the reception area were handled by WOW weddings.

The cake was made by Sammi’s Cuppicakes

Photographs on the rainiest Day

The family and formal photos were taken under cover and when Jenny the photographer asked the bride and groom to brave the elements to step out into the weather, she knew it would be one of the most spectacular photos taken for the last 20 years.

The shot of Brooke and Callum braving the elements and standing in the rain has been seen about 25000 times around the world and has been shared in places like England, France and Switzerland.
The rain was pelting so hard Brooke and Callum couldn’t hear her shouting instructions over the noise and Jenny had to give instructions by wild gesticulating. It was all over in a few minutes but the effort was worth it. It takes a special kind of photographer to be able to take a photograph like this under these conditions .

Enjoy sharing Brooke and Callum’ s day with us.

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