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This story needs no words from us so we will use Caitlin and Josh’s own words

Here goes

Josh proposed to Caitlin on the 1st February 2012 and thus started their ten-month wedding. Truth be told, it was really a ten-month engagement but each and every day of the ten months between their getting engaged and getting married they did a little something for the wedding so they called it their ten-month wedding.

Both Josh and Caitlin have a passion for anything that is self-designed or hand made or plain quirky so there were no questions as to what the theme for their wedding would be. Despite their love of ‘out of the ordinary’ they are both highly organized and Caitlin promptly had all the props they needed on lists, which they dutifully followed. They wanted their wedding day to be all about the details- personal tags thanking guests for what they meant to the bride and groom, their grandparents and parents wedding photos together, home made bread in little pots, a lemonade stand, balloons to be made into animals by their guests and plenty of fresh flowers arranged in tea cups. Caitlin soon became an avid Etsy user and Josh a regular at the collectables store and slowly boxes of goodies made their way on flights to Brisbane.

Oh, that should be mentioned too- they planned their Brisbane wedding from Adelaide.

Lets have a look at Caitlin pretending she wasn’t nervous at all

TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Caitlin018 TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Caitlin019 TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Caitlin020 TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Caitlin021 TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Caitlin022 TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Caitlin023

 Photography by Krista from TWK Studio. Assisted by Thaddeus

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