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The week of the wedding flew as they finished the last details in Brisbane and the wedding day brought the end of a drought for the area so a few last minute changes had to be made.

The wedding was magical. Topiaries at Beaumont House was the perfect backdrop for a simple ceremony and cocktail reception.

Our father-daughter photographers from TWK managed the weather perfectly and as a result our wedding was captured in all its detail.

Caitlin’s favourite moment in the day was driving to location for photos after the ceremony.

It was her three favourite things all at once; driving together, Josh and lots of tulle.

TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Vows008 TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Vows009 TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Vows010 TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Vows011 TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Vows012 TWKStudio_Caitlin_Josh_Vows013


Photography by Krista from TWK Studio. Assisted fy Thaddeus