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Hendrix, two weeks old

This is what life is all about ……………….family

We welcome a new human being into the world, Hendrix.

We watch a new life beginning a journey.

And every new life on this earth is precious.

Alyssa and Brady were married a couple of years ago at Sirromet Winery and we were honoured to be able to share the day with them to celebrate their wedding day. Krista was the photographer on their wedding day. 

Now we are honoured to be able to celebrate the birth of Hendrix and this time Jenny was the photographer.

Click here to enjoy their wedding day

TWKStudio_Newborn_Hendrix_07 TWKStudio_Newborn_Hendrix_02 TWKStudio_Newborn_Hendrix_03 TWKStudio_Newborn_Hendrix_04


The collage below is a beautiful way to be able to show off a portrait on a feature wall above a couch or something similar. Presented in either a simple black gallery frame or one of our feature ripped edge fine art print presentations framed in a raw oak frame, it would bring joy to the family for a lifetime.

Suggested sizes would be either 60 x 60 cm or 90 x  90 cm square



Photography by Jenny from TWK Studio

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Liz + Dallas at Mirra

Dal and Liz met 10 years ago whilst in high school, after being introduced to each other by a mutual family friend.

They spent the first 5 years casually dating and falling in and out of contact, before rekindling their love at a music festival. From this day they could not deny their connection, and have been committed to each other ever since.

Which leads to ………. the wedding.

Firstly, why hire a wedding car?  If you really want to shift a few people around a mini bus instead of the traditional limo works just as well.

Church wedding? What about Mirra? Why not a converted warehouse?

Now that’s a slightly “out there” there wedding venue.

Mirra Mirra on the wall …………..In their own words almost

It’s a warehouse and it’s been transformed to create a stunning venue where Paris meets Shanghai; where high warehouse ceilings covered in hand-painted canvasses are littered with tiered chandeliers; where detailed bronze French doors open to a private courtyard perfect for pre or post drinks.

The venue can cater for wedding functions from an intimate 20 person private dining setting to 180 person sit down banquet styled dinners. Mirra’s exclusive & private courtyard, accessed via a series of stunning bronze French Doors, is the perfect setting for your ceremony and/or pre or post wedding celebration drinks.

Way to go.

Being in the Valley, right next door to a railway line and not far away from a few New Farm spots, Dal and Liz went for a ride in the bus.

The suppliers…………

Dress- Jennifer Gifford Design
Hair Piece- Anna Campbell
Hair and Makeup- Twidale
Bridesmaids Dresses- Ultra Suite
Flowers- Petals and Lace (Sydney)
Suits- Harry Henry

TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_01 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_02 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_03 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_04 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_05 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_06 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_07 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_07a TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_08 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_09 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_09a TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_10 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_11 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_12 TWK_Charles_Betson_wedding_13

Photography by Krista assisted by Angela

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Clare + James at Old Government House

Clare and James were married only a few weeks ago and their wedding day was so much fun we just had to put up their full story as soon as we could. Clare and the girls were getting ready at her Mum and Dad’s place with her sisters and friends all lending a helping hand.  The girls Jessica, Sarah, Emma, Ashleigh and Rachel all did their best to get Clare ready and at the church on time.

And they managed to do it. 

James and the groomsmen, Andrew, Darryl and Alex must have taken bravado pills before the wedding. Any group of men who are willing to tie their own bowties before a wedding are either very brave or very foolhardy. Oh well.  They did it. That’s all that matters.

Thank heavens for the internet.

Ceremony was at Old Government house at the top end of George Street.

“In the heart of Brisbane City and overlooking the Botanic Gardens, The House was the official residence of the Governors of Queensland up until 1910, and is the perfect location for the couple that values distinction.”

A cake cutting occasion to share with guests who attended the ceremony with nibbles and drinks for everyone topped off a lovely afternoon straight after the wedding before everyone headed off to Restaurant Two for their formal reception. A party before the party.

Now after the photos around Old Government House, the plan was for everyone to walk down through the Botanical Gardens to Restaurant Two, stopping here there and everywhere to use the lovely green backgrounds. Did that happen? Well after seeing the bridesmaids with their shoes off already, the suggestion was made that perhaps they could all jump into the photographer’s car and drive down to the river end. Smiling happy faces all round.

The most popular place in the gardens proved to be the giant swing that they have. After asking the little Princesses playing there to let the big Princess have a swing, everyone including all the onlookers had a ball. The object of the game was to get the bride up as high as possible.

I asked James to give us a little bit of info about how the two of them met and after getting the following I had to say that there was absolutely no way that anyone could possibly put it in a nicer way.

In James’s own words………..

How did you first meet?

-When we first met, we were both working in a call centre type role for a travel insurance company. There was a bit of an office romance – sparks were ignited when our eyes met over the top of a computer monitor… there were sidelong glances in the kitchen…  I gave Clare a friendly lift home from work one evening… Then we went out for drinks after work one Friday, and it was happily ever after from there.

Outstanding moments in our relationship:

I think a few stand out moments in our relationship would be:

- Both of our university graduations, as we cleared a major hurdle in our careers. And also Clare being accepted into law school at QUT was a big moment for us as well, because there was some uncertainty about whether she would stay in Brisbane to keep studying before that happened.

- Another big moment would be our ski trip to Canada. It was a first big holiday together, and we had an absolutely amazing time.

- Buying our first house together as well was a huge moment for us, the relief of finally being free of the grind of inspections every weekend and the excitement of being new home owners was quickly joined by the fear of knowing that now we had a mortgage!

- And of course, when we got engaged!

What was the biggest?

- Without saying, the biggest stand out moment in our relationship to date has been our wedding day. Making the commitment to love each other and be together always in front of our friends and family in such a beautiful venue on a beautiful day, to be followed by such an amazing evening of speeches, dancing, food and celebration is something that will stick with us both forever.

The suppliers

Wedding Gown: DARB Bridal Couture

Bridesmaid Dresses: Twobirds Bridesmaid bought from Babushka Ballerina

Clare’s Hair: Laura from Hare’s Hair

Clare’s Make Up: Bruce from Hare’s Hair

Suits: Groom – Wil Valor

Flowers: Nicole from Stem Design

Celebrant: Anne Campbell

Transport:  Golden Gate Limos and Somerton Limousines


TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House01 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House02 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House03 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House04 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House05 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House06 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House07 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House08 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House09 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House10 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House11 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House12 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House13 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House14 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House15 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House16 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House17 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House18 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House19 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House20 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House21 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House22 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House23 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House24 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House25 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House26 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House27 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House28 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House29 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House30 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House31 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House32 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House33 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House34 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House35 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House36 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Clare_James_Old_Government_House37


Rachelle + Brad at Albert River Winery

The engagement shoot

It wasn’t that long ago that we posted a really lovely engagement session of Rachelle and Brad shot next door to the family house on an old farm. It was a place that brought back a lot of memories for them and the family because the kids, as kids do, spent a lot of their time playing on the farm. The buildings were a little bit tired, the corrugated iron a bit rusty but it all made for a great background.

On their wedding day the weather was a bit ominous and I bet there were a lot of family and friends keeping their eyes heavenwards just hoping and maybe even praying that it held off long enough to get the ceremony finished.

I know we were, and guess what?

All that hopin’ and  prayin’ and hopin’ must have worked because the rain held off long enough to get everything done and also contributed just nicely to set a mood for some great pictures.

Getting ready

Rachelle and her sister Renee together with Jacqueline, Danica, Demi(Brads sister) and the little flower girl Zara got dressed at the “Ido House”at Mt tambourine. This is the description on the Ido Website….” ido house and the adjoining Studio Retreat is set on a rainforest shelf within minutes to the village of North Tamborine, discreetly standing behind a courtyard of Bangalow Palms, melding with its century old Tree ferns on this tranquil block with views beyond compare. The Studio Retreat is a warm serene place to unwind away from the main house, complete with wood burning fire and private bathroom.” Sounds really nice doesn’t it? Brad and his groomsmen Tori, Sam, Pete , Brad’s brother Kieren and the page boy Cooper had a bit of a hike from their getting ready area to the ceremony so met Krista on location for their pre wedding pictures.

The Wedding Ceremony and Reception.

Albert  River Winery  is a unique, country style winery nestled below Tambourine Mountain with historic buildings and magnificent hinterland views. The Jacaranda Gazebo was the location of choice for Brad and Rachelle. Straight after the ceremony, instead of heading off into the sunset for photos, the bridal party spent time with the guests to have afternoon tea and share the wedding cake with them. The cake cutting happened  at the afternoon tea. Albert River Winery is one of those places that has it all. A great place to get married and a great place for photos. The heavens did open up later in the afternoon but by this stage it was all done. What a relief.

The suppliers.

dress – Babushka Ballerina

hair & makeup - Lara Quinn

flowers- Olive Blooms

Ceremony and Reception – Albert River Winery

cake – The Flour Girl

Wedding cars-United limousines


TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_001 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_002 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_003 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_004 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_005 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_006 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_007 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_008 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_009 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_010 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_011 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_012 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_013 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_014 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_015 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_016 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_017 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_018 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_019 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_020 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_021 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_022 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_023 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_024

Photography by Krista

Nandni + Leon at Hillstone, St Lucia

The preparation for the day.

Wouldn’t it be great just to get up in the morning of a wedding day, pull on some jeans or a skirt and then just go and get married?

Doesn’t happen like that does it? Because the wedding day is a joyous occasion that need to be shared with friends and family. A special day, a very special occasion that will stand out in memories for years to come.

Kestrel, Hannah, Annie and Michael helped Nandi and Leon get it all together and to turn up at the church on time. The first time a couple see each other on a wedding day always quickens the beat of the heart just that little bit.

The Wedding

Hillstone  St Lucia offers a pleasant atmosphere for small or large wedding receptions.

They offer rooms with open verandah’s, and outdoor terraces that look out over the surrounding trees, parklands and golf course, a beautiful peaceful view. It’s very easy to sit and dream and quietly gaze over the rolling greens of the Golf club

The outdoor ceremony locations Leon and Nandni chose for the ceremony was the Courtyard Garden. It brings the Bride and groom and the guests close together in a more intimate setting.

St Lucia University

The Qld University is always a very popular background for wedding photos. A lot of couples request to go there because of the fun times they’ve had there  had there, and a lot of couple have met each other “at the uni.” It gives us sandstone buildings to play with, lakes, bridges and an endless variety of colours. All of these are a brilliant backdrop for a Bride and Groom.

The Reception.

Once again, Hillstone St Lucia, this time the Rosewood Room.

“The Rosewood Room offers the perfect setting for small to medium sized events. Complete with its own verandah, with view overlooking the rolling greens of the golf course, this room is perfectly suited to conference groups with plenty of breakout options.”

The suppliers

What would we do without these people who make it all happen?

Make-up by: Caitlin Murray Make-up Artist

Hair by: Georgia Little

Dress: Luv Bridal

Flowers: Aspley Arcade Florist

Cake:  Cakes Actually

 Wedding Photography: TWK Studio

TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_001 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_002 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_003 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_004 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_005 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_006 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_007 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_008 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_009 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_010 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_011 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_012 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_013 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_014 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_015 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_016 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_017 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_018


Photography by Krista

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Naomi + Hugh at Hillstone

Naomi & Hugh were married not that long ago at the St Lucia Golf Club, which is now called HillStone, St Lucia. 

A great place for a reception as well as a place to have the nuptials with views over the rolling greens. Always nice and cool with a breeze coming off the greens. And the staff look after you.

Our photographer Jenny was the chosen photographer for the day and on theit location shoot she managed to take some fantastic photos. The last one won a Silver award at the 2013 APPA Awards

Another great TWK Studio Wedding.

The last photo of Handsome Hugh was the Silver Award winner for Jenny


TWK_Studio_001Blog TWK_Studio_002Blog TWK_Studio_003Blog TWK_Studio_004Blog

Photography by Jenny from TWK Studio

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Mel + Justin at Manly Yacht Squadron


How they met-

Justin and Mel met at Latin Dance class where Mel was teaching and Justin came to see if he’d like it – 18 months later he was still dancing and they became really great friends. Justin worked up the courage to ask Mel to go out with him on a date and the rest is history.

The Proposal-

Justin asked Mel to marry him on Christmas Eve (2012) as he knew Christmas is such a magical time for Mel.

He then hand picked a diamond and let Mel design the ring she has always dreamt of.

 The Wedding-

Mel and Justin wanted an intimate wedding  to celebrate the day with their close family and friends. If you check out the candid photos you can see they couldn’t stop smiling the whole day – both being so excited to marry each other and celebrate on the dance floor!! And you can tell how excited we were by the smiles and the laughter during the ceremony.

Glynis & Trevor Phillips (Mel’s Mum and Dad) and Sandra & Brian Reis (Justin’s Mum and Dad) were very generous to host their wedding at the Royal QLD Yacht Squadron at Manly. It is such a beautiful location on the bay and the photo session was so much fun!!

 The Honeymoon -

Seven  nights at Peregian in a house right on the beach and 7 nights in the rainforest of Montville in their own cabin. The best of both worlds – it must have been soooo hard to leave such gorgeous locations!!


Makeup – Mel

Hairdresser – Shantelle

Gown – Made by Frida from Paras Designs

Shoes – Nine West

Flowers – Brizzy Bridal Bouquets

Suits – Zenetti

Celebrant – Teresa Hauff

Cake – Levi

Candles – Valencia Bath Treats

TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_01-(1) TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_02 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_03 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_04 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_05 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_06 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_07 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_08 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_09 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_10 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_11 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_12 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_13 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_14 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_15 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Manly_Yacht_Club_16

Photography by Krista  from TWK Studio

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Rebecca + Levi

Lifes beginnings

Life is amazing isn’t it?

A simple night out at a nightclub (I won’t mention which one because it doesn’t get good reviews) and a whole new world opens up. You bump into someone and a relatively short time later you’re heading off on your honeymoon with the one you’ve vowed to spend the rest of your life with. Almost a script for a romantic Hollywood movie.

Getting ready

Rebecca and Levi “tied the knot” a short time ago and TWK Studio were privileged to share their wedding day with them. It was over a year ago that they came to see us and from the first meeting, I knew their wedding day was going to be a lot of fun.
Both of them got ready at Royal on the Park, and you could say it’s a bit of a Brisbane icon. It has been refurbished beautifully a few years ago and offers some of the best value around for a bridal party. Rebecca’s girls…… Jessica, Tanya, Chivaun, Natasha and the two little ones Sienna and Zara helped her get through the morning. They came from places as far away as Western Australia and New Zealand.

Levi also had his groomsmen come from all over. These were Kelly, John ( can’t miss John),  Phillip and Izaya.

The Wedding

Central to just about anywhere is Broadway Chapel at Woolloongabba. The Heritage Listed Chapel is Brisbane’s only inner-city non-denominational chapel available to all couples for both civil and religious ceremonies. A beautiful setting and very close to well, everywhere.


Photography was handled by Krista from TWK Studio with her assistant and because sunset here in Brisbane at this time is very close to 5.00pm, the St Lucia University was chosen as a great backdrop. A great location and it was on the way to the reception.


Hillstone St Lucia has three function rooms plus an open-air bar and restaurant, in the form of hundred acre bar. A traditional-styled venue with modern facilities, it offers beautiful parkland views, outdoor terraces and break-out options, natural light and fresh air.

Levi and Rebecca chose the Grandview Room probably to accommodate all the guests that came from New Zealand to share their day with them.

The Honeymoon.

I asked if I could go with them but no, I wasn’t allowed. They headed off to America.
In Rebeccas own words
“Honeymoon in the U.S: a trip of a lifetime. We saw some amazing sights and were able to explore some places rich in culture. Was really exciting experiencing it all as newlyweds. Our favourite part of the trip was Tuluum in Mexico and New York”.

The suppliers

Wedding Gown             The Bridal Centre
Makeup                         Amanda Seville
Hairdresser                   Kasey Walker
Shoes                           Forever New
Flowers                         Jada Flowers
Suits                              YD
Celebrant                      Nicole Dymock


TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_01 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_02 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_03 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_04 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_05 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_06 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_07 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_08a TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_09 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_10 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_11 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_12 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_13 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_14 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_15 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_16 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_17 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_18 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_19 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_20 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_21 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_22 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_23 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Rebecca_Levi_24

Photography by Krista  from TWK Studio

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The TWK Studio Wedding on Moreton Island

First contact……

So we get this email a little while ago …”Were getting married on Moreton later this year and we found you on the internet.  Can you send us some info please? “

So our reply was in the positive and we suggested it would be a good idea if they could make a time to come in sometime and have a chat. “We can’t do that,” was the reply, “we are coming over from the Isle of Man the day before the wedding.”


Isle of Man

 Has anybody ever heard of the place? I used to think that it was one of these tiny little Islands that dot the coast of the British Isles, but after I Googled it I found the place is Huge. The 2006 census showed there were over 80,000 people living there. If you think of Fraser Island which stretches from Noosa to Bundaberg, the Isle of Man would essentially stretch from Noosa to about  Hervey Bay. The difference is it is very cold and windy. Think of a place sort of a cross between Scotland and Ireland and you get the idea. 

Leanne and Jason arrived two days before the wedding and even though we had an idea of the time they were to arrive at the Island, jet leg and a few other things conspired together so we only actually managed to have a chat the day before the wedding. So, how does a small four hour shoot stretch into almost a 12 hour session?

I was sort of figuring that we could catch a ferry about midday or 1.00pm, arrive about 2.00pm, shoot the wedding and then catch the 7.00pm ferry home. Didn’t work like that. I found out that on a Thursday, the ferry only leaves Pinkenba at 10.00 am and come back at 7.30pm. So to get there on time, I had to leave home at 8.00 am to pack the gear at TWK Studio and pick up the assistant, get to Pinkenba by  9.30 am,  arrive at 11.00am  to have a short meeting with Leanne and Jason and then wait till 3.00pm to start the shoot. We finished around 6.30pm and the caught the 7.30 pm ferry, get back to Brisbane, drop the assistant off and get home by around 9.30pm. There goes a whole day. The whole number of people apart from us at the wedding was seven. Leanne and Jason, his Dad who came from England for the wedding, Leanne’s girlfriend who now lives in Brisbane and the three kids.

We kept our eye open for the Bridesmaid on the ferry who was also bringing the flowers and we waited at the dock together for Leanne and Jason, had a wedding planning session when they arrived and then pretended we were tourists until the shoot.

This is  a TWK Studio Wedding on Moreton Island

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TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_001 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_002 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_003 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_004 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_005 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_006 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_007 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_008 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_009 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_010 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_011 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_012 TWK_Studio_Moreton_Island_wedding_013


All I can say is what a lovely couple. And what a lovely day.

Photography by Thaddeus from TWK Studio, Assisted by Matthew from TWK Studio

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Salih + Bahira’s crazy wedding day

This is the full post, the continuation of the teaser we posted last week so you can see that the dancing with the Taiwanese group was only a very small part of the day.

With a European wedding, the festivities last for days over there. Over here, it’s a little bit shorter but both families get to share in the fun, the sharing and the crazy happiness of the day. Things like a convoy of cars, dancing in the street, pinning of flowers and a lot of loud singing are all part of it. Check the expressions on Salih’s face in some of the photos. The man was simply enjoying the day apart from being just that little bit nuts.

They got married at home, a perfect place for the crowd and the crowd doesn’t want to miss out on anything. They are all into it together.

Locations were chosen by Bahira and Salih and included little laneways, walls, Botanical gardens, New Farm park and the Powerhouse.

Finally reception was at Lightspace, the end of a really, really long day.

TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_001 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_002 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_003 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_004 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_005 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_006 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_007 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_008 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_009 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_010 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_011 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_012 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_013 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_014 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_015 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_016 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_017 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_018 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_019 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_020 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_021 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_022 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_023 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_024 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_025 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_026 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_027 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_028 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_029 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_030 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_031 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_032 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_033 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_034 TWKStudio_Bahira_Hadzic_and-Salih_Mujcic_Wedding_035



Photography by Krista from TWK Studio

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