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We offer a location portrait session to every bride and groom whose wedding we are going to photograph as it really lets us get the feel of how they react with each other.

And how self-conscious they are in front of the camera.

Best time for the session is late afternoon, “Golden Hour” as it’s called as the light is a lot gentler and kinder to even the milkiest of skins.
Clare and James went with Krista to The New Farm Park area which is nice and uncrowded during the week. Very very crowded on the weekend so not a preferred location for Bridal parties.Clare_and_James_Engagement_Portraits_TWK_Studio001 Clare_and_James_Engagement_Portraits_TWK_Studio002 Clare_and_James_Engagement_Portraits_TWK_Studio003 Clare_and_James_Engagement_Portraits_TWK_Studio004 Clare_and_James_Engagement_Portraits_TWK_Studio005 Clare_and_James_Engagement_Portraits_TWK_Studio006


Photography by Krista