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Clare and James were married only a few weeks ago and their wedding day was so much fun we just had to put up their full story as soon as we could. Clare and the girls were getting ready at her Mum and Dad’s place with her sisters and friends all lending a helping hand.  The girls Jessica, Sarah, Emma, Ashleigh and Rachel all did their best to get Clare ready and at the church on time.

And they managed to do it. 

James and the groomsmen, Andrew, Darryl and Alex must have taken bravado pills before the wedding. Any group of men who are willing to tie their own bowties before a wedding are either very brave or very foolhardy. Oh well.  They did it. That’s all that matters.

Thank heavens for the internet.

Ceremony was at Old Government house at the top end of George Street.

“In the heart of Brisbane City and overlooking the Botanic Gardens, The House was the official residence of the Governors of Queensland up until 1910, and is the perfect location for the couple that values distinction.”

A cake cutting occasion to share with guests who attended the ceremony with nibbles and drinks for everyone topped off a lovely afternoon straight after the wedding before everyone headed off to Restaurant Two for their formal reception. A party before the party.

Now after the photos around Old Government House, the plan was for everyone to walk down through the Botanical Gardens to Restaurant Two, stopping here there and everywhere to use the lovely green backgrounds. Did that happen? Well after seeing the bridesmaids with their shoes off already, the suggestion was made that perhaps they could all jump into the photographer’s car and drive down to the river end. Smiling happy faces all round.

The most popular place in the gardens proved to be the giant swing that they have. After asking the little Princesses playing there to let the big Princess have a swing, everyone including all the onlookers had a ball. The object of the game was to get the bride up as high as possible.

I asked James to give us a little bit of info about how the two of them met and after getting the following I had to say that there was absolutely no way that anyone could possibly put it in a nicer way.

In James’s own words………..

How did you first meet?

-When we first met, we were both working in a call centre type role for a travel insurance company. There was a bit of an office romance – sparks were ignited when our eyes met over the top of a computer monitor… there were sidelong glances in the kitchen…  I gave Clare a friendly lift home from work one evening… Then we went out for drinks after work one Friday, and it was happily ever after from there.

Outstanding moments in our relationship:

I think a few stand out moments in our relationship would be:

– Both of our university graduations, as we cleared a major hurdle in our careers. And also Clare being accepted into law school at QUT was a big moment for us as well, because there was some uncertainty about whether she would stay in Brisbane to keep studying before that happened.

– Another big moment would be our ski trip to Canada. It was a first big holiday together, and we had an absolutely amazing time.

– Buying our first house together as well was a huge moment for us, the relief of finally being free of the grind of inspections every weekend and the excitement of being new home owners was quickly joined by the fear of knowing that now we had a mortgage!

– And of course, when we got engaged!

What was the biggest?

– Without saying, the biggest stand out moment in our relationship to date has been our wedding day. Making the commitment to love each other and be together always in front of our friends and family in such a beautiful venue on a beautiful day, to be followed by such an amazing evening of speeches, dancing, food and celebration is something that will stick with us both forever.

The suppliers

Wedding Gown: DARB Bridal Couture

Bridesmaid Dresses: Twobirds Bridesmaid bought from Babushka Ballerina

Clare’s Hair: Laura from Hare’s Hair

Clare’s Make Up: Bruce from Hare’s Hair

Suits: Groom – Wil Valor

Flowers: Nicole from Stem Design

Celebrant: Anne Campbell

Transport:  Golden Gate Limos and Somerton Limousines


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