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Clare and Damon’s wedding was a bit of a laid back affair. The bride and groom wanted to concentrate on sharing their time with the guests so the day ran a little bit differently to the norm. Instead of running off for photos they caught a ferry with the family to the reception and used the area there as a background for the piccies.

Clare got ready with her girls at the Oaks Aurora on Eagle Street,  Brisbane. This was really handy to St Stephens Cathedral and made it unnecessary to hire cars. Short walk. 100 metres maybe?   Really really handy. The weather was absolutely fantastic. Ceremony was conducted by Father Ekpo.

After the ceremony all  the guests wanted to kiss and hug the bride as is the custom and it took a bit of effort to get away to catch the ferry.  A bit more fun than catching a limo. Ferry cruise was from Riverside to their reception at the State Library. Cocktail style. Damon and Clare made sure that they greeted every single guest as they arrived to share the cocktail style reception with them.

Important suppliers……

Wedding Gown: Paul Hunt

Hair :  Stelios Papas 

Makeup Artist : Jess Brailak

Flowers and Decorations:  Pink & Purple Petals


TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_01 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_02 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_03 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_04 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_05 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_06 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_07 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_08 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_09 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_10 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_11 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_12 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_13 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_14 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_15 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_16


TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_17 TWK_Studio_Wedding_Cawthorn_Joseph_18


Photography by Krista  from TWK Studio.