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Why would a couple who live at the Gold Coast want to get married at the Sunshine Coast? Well, it’s like everyone else. The Sunshine Coast is a destination wedding location without all the hassles that happen when couples travel overseas.

The girls got ready at The Rise at Noosa, a great preparation location with plenty of space and close enough for the girls to walk down Hastings Street to the Wedding Lawn at Noosa Beach.

The whole day was just beautiful, blue skies, no wind,  warm but not burning hot.  Sal’s mum and Dad also stayed at the Rise so it was pretty close and convenient. Family came from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane,  Gold  Coast and Sunshine Coast for the wedding. Friends came from all over the place including a large contingent from Port Macquarie. Go Port.

Sal’s dress was by Darb Couture and funnily enough when Dan’s sister Krista was married over ten years ago, she also had a dress from Darb. Go figure.

Kim from Weddings of Noosa was the day co-ordinator and I must admit she did a great job. It all went without a hitch. Photography was handled by Jenny from TWK Studio, one of Australia’s top wedding photographers and assisted by Kylie, a photography resident from America working at our studio for a couple of months. I would not have liked anyone else to have photographed their wedding. The photos are magnificent.

As you might have guessed, Dan is Christine’s and my son and I can tell you we were very proud to see Dan and Sal get married and we were also very very happy to welcome Sal into our family. Both our children, Dan andKrista  are now married and we continue to offer our best wishes to both of them.

Reception at Sails of Noosa really had a casual but fun atmosphere. The staff and service were second to none.

I thought about the speech I had to make at the reception as father of the groom all day and remembered something a wise man once said to me and I quote……………

“A man in love who is not married is incomplete. Once he is married, he is finished.”



TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_001 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_002 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_003 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_004 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_005 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_006 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_007 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_008 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_009 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_010 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_011 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_012 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_013 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_014 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_015 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_016 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_017 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_018 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_019 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_020 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_021 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_022 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_023 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_024 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_025 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_026 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_027 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_028 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_029 TWK_Studio_Wedding_KuligBuckingham_030


Photography by Jenny from TWK Studio

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