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What would it be like to wake up on the morning of your wedding day, look out the window and realise that for the first time in his life, the weatherman was almost right.

The prediction was for rain, and it sure was raining. Not just scattered showers but rain, rain and more rain.

And not only that, as a special treat for the guests, Emma and John had arranged for a boat trip on the Brisbane River from Newstead Park to Customs House for all the guests.


There is always a place on the wedding day that a bit of shelter can be found to take photos under cover. And if you really think about it, the only time that is really affected is between the church and the reception. The rest of the day, the preparation, the ceremony, the reception are all under cover.

In this case the church was Our Lady of Victories at Bowen Hills and the Reception was Customs House, both of which have really lovely areas to use the photos of the Bridal Party.

And we have more sheltered areas up our sleeve.

John & Emma are both engineers in the mines (hence the cute people on their cake)

John is from Ireland and they had a lot of guests travel out to Australia for the wedding.  John and Emma thought that it would be a great way for their guests to see some of Brisbane if they hired the boat to take everyone from the church to the reception.  In better weather it would have been a lovely cruise up the river but the guests thought it was a great idea even in the rain.

Emma and John weren’t afraid to get out in the rain under umbrellas and you have to agree the photos are really stunning.

TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day001 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day002 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day003 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day004 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day005 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day006 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day007 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day008 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day009 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day010 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day011 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day012 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day013 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day014 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day015 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day016 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day017 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day018 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day019 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day020 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day021 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day023 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day024TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day022 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day025 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day026 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day027 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day028 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day029 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day030 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day031 TWKStudio_Emma_John_rainy_day032

Photography by Jenny from TWK Studio

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