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1st of October 2011. A memorable day for more than one reason and memorable it was. How is this for a text conversation between me and Jenny on the morning of the wedding.

This is text from my phone.

Me: Have a good shoot today

Jen:  It’s raining.

Me: It’s Byron Bay. The rain comes and goes. It’ll be fine in a couple of  hours.

Then  five minutes later I get a phone call. It’s Jen, and the conversation goes like this.

Jen: Hear that?

Me: Hear what?

Jen: That sound ?

Me: What sound?

Jen:  Now it HAILING!!!!!!!!

Me: It’s Byron Bay. The rain comes and goes. It’ll be fine in a couple of  hours.


Thankfully the rain did pass,  but not the beautiful thick dark clouds that circle on a stormy day and add to the mood of an absolutely fantastic part of Australia.  It also shows that Jenny really cares about the Bride and Grooms she photographs  and really cares that she do the best job possible under all circumstances. A total professional in every sense of the word who has photographed hundred of weddings.  Remember a wedding day is one day, one chance.

I love weddings at Byron Bay and if it was at all possible, I don’t think I would mind at all having a wedding to shoot there  every day of the week. Especially with a stormy sky. In fact I can only ever remember one wedding in my whole life that I shot at Byron Bay without a storm on the wedding day.

Erin’s choice to get ready was the Beach Suites at Byron which is close to all the venues for the day while Ryan and the guys were at the Bay View Apartments. 

Ceremony at the Byron Bay Surf Club, a real Byron Bay icon.

Location photography was at Wattago Beach and Ewingsdale.  That is one fantastic place. The Camphor Laurel trees lining the road must be quite a few hundred years old . The are just HUGE.. … and the beautiful gentle aroma of the camphor laurel on a warm day is just so soothing.  A beautiful place to hold a wedding ceremony,  which a few of our brides have done.  I love the touch of the old Volkswagen Van Rein & Ryan used a wedding car. Called the LUVBUG and available for hire. Cute. Very, very cute. The dark sky with a bit of sunlight peeking through really adds to the photos.

Reception was back at the Byron Bay Surf Club.

Erin and Ryan’s Wedding was also  featured  in the Byron Bay Weddings site where there  are a few more beach shots including a beautiful one after sunset.




TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_001 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_002 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_003 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_004 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_005 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_006 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_007 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_008 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_009 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_010 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_011 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_012 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_013 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_014 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_015 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_016 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_017 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_018 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_019 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_020 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_021 TWK_Studio_Erin_Ryan_Byron_Bay_023



Photography by Jenny from TWK Studio

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