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A short story

Helen and Chris met while attending university, through an introduction by a mutual friend. During their breaks, they would go to the benches along the Goodwill Bridge and just enjoy each other’s company.

This was also the spot where Chris first asked Helen out on a date, and in the exact same spot Chris proposed to Helen exactly 8 years later. Didn’t want to rush things.

Because of the pleasant memories this spot brought, Helen and Chris chose to have their engagement shoot done around the Goodwill bridge area.

The wedding day was a mixture of traditional and modern ceremonies with tea ceremonies happening at both parents houses heading off to All Hallows Chapel for the wedding ceremony itself.

With the ceremony at the Brisbane Club, locations like the Story Bridge, The Post Office and Anzac square were the locations of choice to keep it all within easy reach.

A wedding day can be a very long and tiring day but In Helens own words, “Excitement along with friends and family pumped us through the day.”

The great Suppliers

Wedding Dress:                  Bella Donna

Bridal shoes:                       Alan Pinkus

Wedding bands:                 Canturi

Florist:                                   Julie Vine Flowers

Makeup Artist:                    Sarah Thong

Ceremony:                             All Hallows Chapel

Reception:                              The Brisbane Club

Wedding cake:                    The Lovely Little Cakery

Photography:                       TWK Studio

Honeymoon destination:  New Zealand


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Photography by Krista from TWK Studio
Assisted by Thaddeus