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O’Rielly’s Rainforest Retreat

Its always an adventure. It’s especially an adventure when winter is just around the corner because it really really can get freezing up there. And it’s not caqlled a rainforest retreat for nothing

Jenny and I popped up to the top of the mountain a short time ago to spend the day with Minty, (Jacinta to you guys) and Kurt and I must admit, I was looking forward to the wedding day for a looooong time.

How couples meet

and how fate works to lead to a wedding day is always fascinating. Here is Jacinta and Kurt’s story in Jacinta’s own words…………….

“Kurt and I met and became friends in high school. Soon after that Kurt left school to work. We kept in touch and then I eventually asked Kurt out. He responded a week later and said yes. I was 14 going onto 15 and Kurt just turned 16. He use to meet me after school and double me home on his pushbike. 🙂
We were high school sweethearts.

A couple years later we moved out together into our own place and raised our dogs and bird. We managed for years to work together during the day at the same workplace and come home at night still in love.

The proposal:

‘Twas the night before Christmas nearly 6 years later, Kurt gave 12 gifts of Christmas to me. The final gift was an unexpected surprise. To find him kneeling with a ring in his hands, and the question “will you marry me?” He didn’t tell anyone about it and was a big surprise for the whole family on Christmas day.

After many setbacks and change of dates, we finally got married after 8years together. We kept everything about the wedding a secret from our guests, except the date, to meet at the front of our place and that it was our wedding.

We organised the wedding and reception ourselves. With handmade invitations, decorations and vintage decorations collected over the years.

We definitely started our married life on a high at the top of the mountain, with the colours of the rainbow, and finishing with a bang of fireworks.

For a young couple we have been through a lot of tough times and have lived like no other, but we have come out of it closer, stronger and definitely appreciate each other and everything we have now.”


Celebrant: Robert Simmons

Venue: O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat – Moonlight

Flowers: Wild Lotus Xxx

Cake: Sweet Melissa’s Cakes

Hair & Makeup: The Touch Up Team

Dress: Luv Bridal Loganholme

Suit: Roger David Loganholme

Chairs at moonlight crag: Supplize Decor Hire

Guest Transport: Logan Coaches

Chairs and tables at reception: Special Events Party Hire

Caterers: The Golden Roast

Reception: our place – All the layout and decorations were done by myself and Kurt. ( the shed out the back,)

Fireworks: Ace Fireworks

Photography by Jenny from TWK Studio assisted by Thaddeus


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