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Janelle + Kris + Kyza, Hastings Point Engagement 

What do they say? Never work with children or animals.

Except staffies.

Aren’t they just adorable? Once they get over the destroy everything stage and stop playing Houdini the Escapologist at the slightest bit of thunder or a nail gun going off 3 kilometres away, they’re one of the best companions around. They don’t think they’re dogs, they think they’re  another person. They can never understand why we look so funny but at the same time they’d rather be with us than other dogs.

It just worked out that Jenny was down on the Northern NSW Coast shooting and could work in the time to spend with these two. Their wedding day is coming up in a couple of months and we like the couples getting married to get to know their photographer.

Part of the process of having a successful wedding day is the pre-planning process TWK Studio have put into place years ago. Apart form the portrait session that we offer all our bridal couples, we also suggest that the photographer and the Bride and Groom get together a couple of times at regular intervals just to plan the day’s timetable and to find out any special things that might be happening that the photographer has to be aware of.

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Photography by Jenny from TWK Studio

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