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Part three: The Locations

The TWK Studio Wedding shoot of Jo and Terry-Locations and Reception

With so much family time required, sometimes daylight can be in short supply sometimes. Only a short drive from the church we were able to find  nature reserve that really lent itself to a great background. The light very late in the afternoon is probably the most flattering light that can be found anywhere. Its soft and golden and when you find two people who really love each other, the chemistry shows in the pictures. Reception was at Moda Events portside. We’ve done quite a few weddings there and the staff always seem to look out for their guests very well. Attention to detail is second to none. A great night was had by all.   T

WK Studio  Wedding  shoot,

Photography by Krista from TWK Studio,

Assisted by Thaddeus from TWK Studio 101 Holland Rd, Holland Park, Tel: 07 3847 2235

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TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_021 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_022 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_023 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_024 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_025 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_026 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_027 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_028 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_029 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_030

Photography by Krista from TWK Studio and assisted by Thaddeus

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