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Part two

The TWK Studio Wedding shoot of Jo and Terry-The Ceremony

The ceremony was a sharing of two cultures, and a mixture of people from all around the world. As Jo’s dad walked Jo down the aisle, the expectant look on Terry’s face as he caught sight of his bride brought a lump to my throat. Even after all these years  photographing weddings for TWK Studio, the look on the faces of two people who really love each other when they catch sight of each other at the ceremony makes it all worthwhile. I especially liked the way Jo’s dad gave his new son in law this gigantic hug when he got to the altar. Enjoy part two of the TWK Wedding shoot of Jo and Terry Part tw0: The Ceremony



TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_012 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_013 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_014 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_015 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_016 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_017 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_018 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_019 TWK_Studio_Jo_Terry_wedding_020



Photography by Krista from TWK Studio, Assisted by Thaddeus from TWK Studio

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