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This is the story of Kate and Sean a lovely couple with whom we had the pleasure of sharing their wedding day at St Patrick’s Valley

Jenny was the photographer and I received a text during the day stating
“I absolutely love these two. They are so great together.”

This is the love story of Kate and Sean in their own words…………..

“It was December 2006.

I had just started a new job & Sean was preparing to move overseas for a 2 year working holiday.

We got talking at the work Christmas party and love quickly blossomed.”


That was the beginning but what happened after that?

 After some months of romance, Sean, encouraged by Kate, left to live and work in the UK. They decided to stay in touch.

Time passed very very for them slowly and after a few months they both realised how much they missed each other.

They organised a rendezvous in Europe and spent a month traveling together. The holiday served to rekindle the romance and solidify their love for each other.

However sadly, after a month of travel Kate had to return to Australia and Sean to the UK.

Three months later, Kate received a surprise parcel in the form of Sean at her door step.

St Patrick’s Valley

Kate and Sean are a laid back couple and wanted a minimal fuss wedding. They panned their day with help from their nearest and dearest family and friends. The ceremony was held at St Patricks Church in Fortitude Valley by Father Leonard Uzuegbu were married on the 20th of September 2014.

A special stop was made on the way to visit granddad who couldn’t make it to the ceremony.

Since then they have never looked back and we have the pictures to prove it

The Suppliers

The ceremony was followed by a reception at Mirra Private Dining with 100 guests.

Kate wore a Belladonna gown and her Maid of honour Lisa wore Zimmerman.

 Hair and make up by Erin Delahunty.

Sean and his Best Man Paul  both wore Joe Black suits.

Rings by Jason Withers and Hardy Brothers.

The flowers and decorations by Rebecca Grugan from RCG Creative.

The wedding cake was baked with much love by the Brides mother Mrs Janet Wright. 

And photography by Jenny from TWK Studio


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