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Katherine and Simon at Bribie Island

Katherine and Simon at Bribie Island Photos by Krista Assisted by Thaddeus 

We’ve always loved Bribie Island. It’s a getaway location for a wedding that is only about an hour from Brisbane. It’s one of those places that everything is absolutely local but at the same time the scenery can be breathtaking.

Katherine and her bridesmaids prepared for the day in their own house on Bribie, and I had to ask if it was available for rent because it was more of a holiday house.  I would not have minded staying there for a couple of weeks at all.

Simon and the boys were at the On The Beach Resort and even though we’ve been there before for a few weddings, the view from the top units never fails to amaze me.

Krista won a Silver Award with one of her photos at the resort a couple of years ago.

Ceremony?  Where else but Pacific Harbour Golf & Country Club.  Set amidst the rolling fairways, reflective lakes and surrounded by natural landscape, Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club is the perfect setting for your island wedding. The staff there is always helpful and presentation always top class. The reception was there as well. The best of both worlds.

Photography locations? Well. one of the special places we had to go on the day was the beach that Simon proposed to Katherine. There was a beach track/road thing we had to negotiate to get there.

“Sure, your car will make it. No problem.”

I don’t think so.

So with some passenger reshuffling, it was all go. Bumpy but everybody made it. It was a very friendly group sharing minimum space in a couple of 4WDs.

Bribie is one of the few places close to Brisbane where you can have a absolutely stunning sunset over the water, so with a rush over to the other side of the Island from the beachside, we managed to make it on time and were blessed with one of the most stunning sunsets ever. Flowers- Brisbane Bouquets

Cake – Jean Bromley ( my mum) the flowers on the cake were Brisbane Bouquets

My dress – Brides of Brisbane

Our rings – Ramsden Jewellers

Hair – Snippets of time

Make up – Kellie McCallum make up artistry

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Photography by Krista  from TWK Studio.  Assisted by Thaddeus

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