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The day started pretty early like it usually does with a mixture of traditional and Australian wedding customs.

Martha was getting ready for the traditional tea ceremony at her Mum and Dad’s house and this kicked off about 8.00 am in the morning. The groom and the boys brought the gifts for the bride and the family and don’t forget the gifts for the gods.

There are pleasant words said about the groom and finally after the family introductions, the bride is escorted by her Mum from her room and presented to the groom. After a lot of hugging the first tea ceremony take place.

Then the fun starts.

Notice the groom is already wearing his black suit? Well, all Kevin has to do is enjoy a bit of refreshment while he is waiting for the bride to do all a bride has to do to get ready for the Australian version.
Martha on the other hand gets dressed in her white wedding dress, has her pictures done and then heads off to the church. Martha’s wedding dress was made by Regalia Bridal Designs By Rayner Lee.

The wedding ceremony was held at Christ the King Church at Graceville. The church was packed and the choir’s singing was quite enjoyable.

What happens next?

A whole lot of people then headed off to Kevin’s place for a little bit more of traditional tea ceremony celebrations with the Groom’s family followed by a bit of lunch. I must admit that even though weddings like these stretch out a little bit more than a simple traditional wedding but the stress factor is basically nonexistent.
St Lucia University is almost on the way so after a short stop there for the sandstone and the photo bomb turkeys, the wedding party headed off to Roma Street Parklands where the flowers were, well, flowering.

The evening reception was held at the Parkland Restaurant at Sunnybank .

Great fun.


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Photography by Krista from TWK Studio. Assisted by Thaddeus