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Wow. Checking through the TWK Studio blog this week ¬†we realized that we totally missed showing some pictures of Natalie and Tim’s absolutely fantastic wedding day over a year ago.

So I must apologize for that and say Happy Anniversary to Nadine and Tim.

When you think about it, a wedding day is not a cruisey day for Brides. Looking at the schedule as I am preparing to put this post up makes me realize that even though the ceremony is happening at 3.15pm in the afternoon, the hair and makeup is starting at 7.00 am with a lot of things to do ahead of them.

Makes you realize how the groom gets it easy.

The locations just speak for themselves.

TWKStudio_Nadine_Tim_Girls_001 TWKStudio_Nadine_Tim_Girls_002 TWKStudio_Nadine_Tim_Girls_003 TWKStudio_Nadine_Tim_Girls_004 TWKStudio_Nadine_Tim_Girls_005 TWKStudio_Nadine_Tim_Girls_006








Photography by Jenny from TWK Studio

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