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The preparation for the day.

Wouldn’t it be great just to get up in the morning of a wedding day, pull on some jeans or a skirt and then just go and get married?

Doesn’t happen like that does it? Because the wedding day is a joyous occasion that need to be shared with friends and family. A special day, a very special occasion that will stand out in memories for years to come.

Kestrel, Hannah, Annie and Michael helped Nandi and Leon get it all together and to turn up at the church on time. The first time a couple see each other on a wedding day always quickens the beat of the heart just that little bit.

The Wedding

Hillstone  St Lucia offers a pleasant atmosphere for small or large wedding receptions.

They offer rooms with open verandah’s, and outdoor terraces that look out over the surrounding trees, parklands and golf course, a beautiful peaceful view. It’s very easy to sit and dream and quietly gaze over the rolling greens of the Golf club

The outdoor ceremony locations Leon and Nandni chose for the ceremony was the Courtyard Garden. It brings the Bride and groom and the guests close together in a more intimate setting.

St Lucia University

The Qld University is always a very popular background for wedding photos. A lot of couples request to go there because of the fun times they’ve had there  had there, and a lot of couple have met each other “at the uni.” It gives us sandstone buildings to play with, lakes, bridges and an endless variety of colours. All of these are a brilliant backdrop for a Bride and Groom.

The Reception.

Once again, Hillstone St Lucia, this time the Rosewood Room.

“The Rosewood Room offers the perfect setting for small to medium sized events. Complete with its own verandah, with view overlooking the rolling greens of the golf course, this room is perfectly suited to conference groups with plenty of breakout options.”

The suppliers

What would we do without these people who make it all happen?

Make-up by: Caitlin Murray Make-up Artist

Hair by: Georgia Little

Dress: Luv Bridal

Flowers: Aspley Arcade Florist

Cake:  Cakes Actually

 Wedding Photography: TWK Studio

TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_001 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_002 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_003 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_004 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_005 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_006 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_007 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_008 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_009 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_010 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_011 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_012 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_013 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_014 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_015 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_016 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_017 TWK_Nandni_Leon_wedding_018


Photography by Krista

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