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The engagement shoot

It wasn’t that long ago that we posted a really lovely engagement session of Rachelle and Brad shot next door to the family house on an old farm. It was a place that brought back a lot of memories for them and the family because the kids, as kids do, spent a lot of their time playing on the farm. The buildings were a little bit tired, the corrugated iron a bit rusty but it all made for a great background.

On their wedding day the weather was a bit ominous and I bet there were a lot of family and friends keeping their eyes heavenwards just hoping and maybe even praying that it held off long enough to get the ceremony finished.

I know we were, and guess what?

All that hopin’ and  prayin’ and hopin’ must have worked because the rain held off long enough to get everything done and also contributed just nicely to set a mood for some great pictures.

Getting ready

Rachelle and her sister Renee together with Jacqueline, Danica, Demi(Brads sister) and the little flower girl Zara got dressed at the “Ido House”at Mt tambourine. This is the description on the Ido Website….” ido house and the adjoining Studio Retreat is set on a rainforest shelf within minutes to the village of North Tamborine, discreetly standing behind a courtyard of Bangalow Palms, melding with its century old Tree ferns on this tranquil block with views beyond compare. The Studio Retreat is a warm serene place to unwind away from the main house, complete with wood burning fire and private bathroom.” Sounds really nice doesn’t it? Brad and his groomsmen Tori, Sam, Pete , Brad’s brother Kieren and the page boy Cooper had a bit of a hike from their getting ready area to the ceremony so met Krista on location for their pre wedding pictures.

The Wedding Ceremony and Reception.

Albert  River Winery  is a unique, country style winery nestled below Tambourine Mountain with historic buildings and magnificent hinterland views. The Jacaranda Gazebo was the location of choice for Brad and Rachelle. Straight after the ceremony, instead of heading off into the sunset for photos, the bridal party spent time with the guests to have afternoon tea and share the wedding cake with them. The cake cutting happened  at the afternoon tea. Albert River Winery is one of those places that has it all. A great place to get married and a great place for photos. The heavens did open up later in the afternoon but by this stage it was all done. What a relief.

The suppliers.

dress – Babushka Ballerina

hair & makeup – Lara Quinn

flowers- Olive Blooms

Ceremony and Reception – Albert River Winery

cake – The Flour Girl

Wedding cars-United limousines


TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_001 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_002 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_003 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_004 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_005 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_006 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_007 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_008 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_009 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_010 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_011 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_012 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_013 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_014 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_015 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_016 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_017 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_018 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_019 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_020 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_021 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_022 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_023 TWK_Studio_Albert_River_Winery_Wedding_024

Photography by Krista