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Their story.

And most of this is was related to me by Brooke. There are other things Id like to tell you about these two but I think I’ll leave it to them.

Richie & Brooke are both lawyers and were introduced to each other at a work function by Brooke’s flatmate who also happened to work with Richie.  Their first date was a picnic in New Farm Park and Richie proposed at the same spot two years later.

Richie’s parents are Jim & Sue Muir, who live in Scotland but flew over for the wedding.  Their other three sons all live in Australia too and so the wedding was somewhat of a family reunion.

Brooke’s parents are Greg & Anne Cox, who live in Brisbane. Brooke is their only daughter but they also have two sons. All four parents are qualified teachers, although they have since seen the light! It was a beautiful day that Richie & Brooke were able to enjoy with close friends and family. Brooke literally couldn’t wipe the smile off her face the entire day and they both enjoyed every minute of it.

The ceremony was held at the Holy Trinity church, Fortitude Valley and very very moving. Brooke’s special request for the ceremony photos was that we dared not miss the kiss shot. Reception was celebrated in style after at the Emporium Hotel.  The Emporium hotel is renowned for really looking after it’s guests and TWK Studio is one of its preferred suppliers.

There was a wee Scottish twist to the reception that saw a bagpiper piping in the newlyweds and traditional Scottish dancing, known as a ceilidh.

Richie & Brooke enjoyed a two week honeymoon to Vietnam, an amazing country where they experienced the fantastic cuisine and sights.  Time was spent  in the French influenced city of Hanoi, the UNESCO world heritage listed town of Hoi An, the modern metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City and finished with a relaxing time at the luxurious Princess D’Annam Resort on the south coast near Phan Tiet. And after all that, a return to reality.

These are the suppliers that made the whole day work so well

Hair:                     Tony & Guy Emporium

Make up:             Bride’s friend

Dress:                  Hilde Heim Designer Bride and Cocktail

Bridesmaids:      Ultra Suite

Flowers:               Mandi McLaren at Resonate Designs

Groom:                Kilt & Highland attire made in Scotland

Groomsmen:      Stuart Suits

Cake:                   Miss Sophisticake


TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke01 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke02 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke03 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke04 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke05 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke06 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke07 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke08 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke09 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke10 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke11 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke12 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke13 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke14 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke15 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke16 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke17 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke18 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke19 TWK_Studio_Emporium_Richie_Brooke20

Photography by Krista and Thaddeus from TWK Studio