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A letter from a bride who picked her album up just before Christmas.

There are no words that I can add that can say it better than this.

“Dear Jenny and Thaddeus

We wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help in showcasing our wedding so perfectly. Having recently finalised our wedding album (two years after the big day) we couldn’t be happier.

With a ten week holiday in Europe the year after our wedding, all of our energy went into planning our trip of a lifetime and unfortunately our wedding album took a back seat. Around our second anniversary we decided to finalise the album and we weren’t ready for just how excited we would be when we collected it!

We honestly thought that if we’d lived without the album for two years we probably didn’t need it too badly.

We were wrong.

The day we collected the finished product, we sat down immediately and went through it together. Page by page, we relived our magical day. Nothing prepared us for just how much the album flooded us with the wonderful memories we made that day.

Thank you so much!”

And they had their digital files

This is the wedding album opening by opening


Wedding supplier info

Dress: Wendy Makin

Flowers: Lillipollen

Hair and Make Up: The Powder Room

Suits: Spurling- Myer

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Bella Donna Bridesmaids (Wendy Makin)

Church: St Mary’s Anglican Church, Kangaroo Point

Reception: Customs House

Cake: Cake That

Lolly Buffet: The Candy Buffet Company


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Photography by Jenny, TWK Studio

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