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Sherri and Daniel got married.

Sometimes that’s all you need to say about a wedding because the photographs have captured the story in such fine loving detail that words  become superfluous.

Sherri wears her emotions on her face.

Or on her sleeve.

Wherever you want.

The closeness of hugging her mother at home, the excitement of seeing her brother when he met her  at the limo arrival, the little jump for joy when she was ready to walk down the aisle.

And she thought we weren’t looking.

Daniel was busting pout of his skin when he caught sight of Sherri walking down the path towards him. Did he cry?  He said he did on the inside.

And he thought we weren’t looking.

Sherri and Daniel live in Sydney so the preparations and planning for their day were done loooong distance, by phone or by email.

They both got ready for their day at The Oaks in Margaret Street, pretty close to Roma Street Parklands where their wedding celebration was to be held shared with about a 100 guests.

Ceremony conducted by Celebrant Kylie Bartholomew.

Roma Street Parklands is a pretty nice location for photos as the different areas can be used in different ways. From there the group headed off to little nooks and crannies around New Farm finishing off at Customs House in the dark with a magnificent view of the Story Bridge.


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 Photography by Krista from TWK Studio. Assisted by Thaddeus

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