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Sherri  & Daniel popped in to see us last year and liked what they saw so much they decided to have TWK Studio photograph their wedding coming a bit later this year.

There was a lot of emailing backwards and forwards and not that long ago they flew up to Brisbane to spend a couple of hours with Krista, first of all going through the planning of the day and then the three of them drove down to Southport just before sunset to have a really romantic shoot.

Just the two of them. And the photographer. How romantic.

Sherri wanted to bring along a change of clothing for the shoot to make the most of the time they had with Krista

Aren’t they just so lovely? They really, ¬†really look great together.

Their wedding is coming up in a couple of months time and you know what? We are looking forward it. In fact we almost can’t wait.

Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio001 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio002 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio003 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio004 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio005 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio006 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio007 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio008 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio009 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio010 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio011 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio012 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio013 Sherri_Daniel_engagement_TWK_Studio014


Photography by Krista from TWK Studio

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