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The wedding and a Short story about Suzy and Jeff. 

Suzy and Jeff met on Anzac day 5 years ago where they initially exchanged insults that resulted in the chase, and then the romance,  followed by love. 

They have travelled together and always look forward to coming home to their best friend, Jet their Dalmatian.

They even had to have Jet with them when they had their engagement shoot.

The Wedding day ( in Suzy’s words). 

The week leading up to our wedding day had us reading the weather reports every hour and Jenny ( our TWK Studio photographer) even directed us to a wedding she had shot where it rained nonstop from dawn to night time. It looked amazing so we were able to relax a little bit. Just a little bit.

As it turned out we had the most amazing day. The rain stayed away for the most important parts and we were even able to get out in the open for some shots in New Farm before it started raining again.

We both knew that it would be a great day, but it well exceeded our expectations and having the people around us that we love the most gave us a tremendous amount of joy. We were very very grateful that they were there to celebrate with us.

So much is said about your wedding day needing to be the best day of your life,  it’s the days for the rest of your life with your partner are the best days ever, not just the wedding day.

Our wedding was just the start of a new adventure.


Our adventure started when we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and spent a great week in Waikiki and another amazing week in Maui.

Both spectacularly beautiful and full of great activities to do.

Hawaii was a great place to relax and enjoy each other on our honeymoon.

 Our Great Suppliers. 

Hair and Makeup : Prue from Harpier Hair and Makeup

Gown: Brides of Brisbane

Flowers: Casa Flora

Suits: Tony Barlow

Limousines: Princess Luxury Cars

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Photography by Jenny from TWK Studio

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