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The wedding of Teneale and Chris at St Mary’s Kangaroo Point . The First Anniversary Reveal

Once again I’ve got to say that time flies so fast that you can turn around once , twice and find a whole year has gone.

Chris & Teneale are celebrating their anniversary this weekend and finally , finally we are putting some of their wedding pictures online for their friends and family to enjoy. If you have shared their wedding day with the two of them, this is the chance to relive it on their anniversary.

The Beginning

They actually first met at Clairvaux MacKillop College in Year 8 and shared a lot of the same friends but it wasn’t until after school that they started to see each other more.  It was at a friend’s 18th in 2004 that they first realised there could be just that little bit more to their friendship.

One day months later, Chris took Teneale to the beach after a date at putt putt ( the pinnacle of romantic) to ask Teneale  to be his girlfriend. Of course she said yes. What else could a girl say after a round or two of putt putt?

Despite a slight break early on, things have been amazing ever since.

The Proposal

Chris proposed to Teneale on Good Friday in 2012 at Kangaroo Point, knowing that this was where we would one day end up celebrating our marriage.  The Wedding Day Both of them got ready for their wedding day at their Mum and Dad’s places. Teneale was with Peter and Debbie and Chris was with Robert and Julie. Helping to get the bride ready were Meagan, Danielle and Domonque.

Chris needed a bit of moral support from  Kalon, Daniel and Chris to get those socks on.

The Ceremony

What nicer venue is there than St Marys at Kangaroo Point. The panoramic view of the city skyline from the top of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs is always breathtaking. In fact having photographed quite a few weddings at this location, it’s sometimes hard to get the guests to stop admiring the view and move inside to share in the vows.

Reception was at the Sky Room and Terrace, Brisbane Conference and Entertainment Centre. The view from there also provides a spectacular background for photos.

The suppliers who helped to make it all happen

Dress & accessories – Paddington Weddings/Bertossi Brides

Shoes – Wittner

Hair – Ran’nay Alexander

Make up – Jasmin, Clinique Myer Carindale

Suits – Zacs

Flowers – Brisbane Market Flowers

Styling – Social-Light Events

Cars – Victory Limousines

Photobooth – In The Booth

Cake – Matthew Arnold

Reception Entertainment – Graham Hobson Entertainment

Ceremony Music – The Hansen Trio

Teneale & Chris at St Mary’s Kangaroo Point – TWK Studio Photography


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