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The Jewish Kabbalat Panim of Jennifer and Sharon – TWK Studio Photography

The traditional Jewish Kabbalat Panim of Jennifer and Sharon….


To be married in Traditional Jewish wedding ceremony or should I say day because it doesn’t stop all day really requires both the bride and groom to be fit and have a huuuuge amount of energy.

Jennifer and Sharon (pronounced Shar-ron) did just that.

Instruction we received prior to the day spelt out the type of things we were to expect.

First come the Kabbalat Panim (signing ceremony)

Men are in one room, women in another. Men read out the Ketuba (religious marriage contract) which the groom and witnesses (the 2 rabbis) sign.

At the same time the bride is sitting in separate room with friends and family, reading Tehillim (psalms) and giving blessings to her friends and family. The 2 mothers then go into where the men are and break a plate to demonstrate that the promise of marriage if broken cannot be repaired, just like a plate.

Then comes The Bedekin (veiling ceremony)

Then the groom will be escorted by the men into where the bride is, and veils her.

In the Bride’s own words……….“This will be the first time we will have seen each other for 2 weeks and I imagine as we look at each other for the first time it will be very important to catch our expressions.”

The groom is escorted to the Chuppah by his parents. This was erected earlier on the wedding day in a park a few minutes walk from the house

The bride will be escorted to the Chuppa by her parents.

The ceremony under the Chuppa:

“Under the Chuppa, the bride circles the groom 7 times while someone sings. This is very symbolic and would love some photos of this, especially as we may look at each other when I pass in front of him.

Under the Chuppa, the bride and groom will drink wine twice – my mother in law will lift my veil and feed it to me).

The groom will put the ring on the brides index finger (not the third finger) and says a blessing.

The marriage contact is then read and given to the bride.

Seven honoured guests and family members read the 7 blessings.

A Tallit (prayer shawl) is wrapped around the bride and groom to symbolise their unity.

Then the glass will be placed in a napkin and the groom steps on it. Then everyone shouts Mazel tov, the band will start to play and everyone will come up to congratulate us.

Then we will have to go into a room alone for 10 minutes (at our house but this is only a 10 second drive from the park) Even you won’t be allowed inside! The marriage is not valid until the bride and groom have spent some moments alone.”

Now a few details………………..

The hair and makeup for the Bride and Bridesmaids was handled by Erin Gallienne. The wedding dress designed by Leonard Derecourt. Flowers supplied by B Sweet Flowers. Ceremony stylist by DC Creations and finally the wedding reception was held at the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast.


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