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First contact……

So we get this email a little while ago …”Were getting married on Moreton later this year and we found you on the internet.  Can you send us some info please? “

So our reply was in the positive and we suggested it would be a good idea if they could make a time to come in sometime and have a chat. “We can’t do that,” was the reply, “we are coming over from the Isle of Man the day before the wedding.”


Isle of Man

 Has anybody ever heard of the place? I used to think that it was one of these tiny little Islands that dot the coast of the British Isles, but after I Googled it I found the place is Huge. The 2006 census showed there were over 80,000 people living there. If you think of Fraser Island which stretches from Noosa to Bundaberg, the Isle of Man would essentially stretch from Noosa to about  Hervey Bay. The difference is it is very cold and windy. Think of a place sort of a cross between Scotland and Ireland and you get the idea. 

Leanne and Jason arrived two days before the wedding and even though we had an idea of the time they were to arrive at the Island, jet leg and a few other things conspired together so we only actually managed to have a chat the day before the wedding. So, how does a small four hour shoot stretch into almost a 12 hour session?

I was sort of figuring that we could catch a ferry about midday or 1.00pm, arrive about 2.00pm, shoot the wedding and then catch the 7.00pm ferry home. Didn’t work like that. I found out that on a Thursday, the ferry only leaves Pinkenba at 10.00 am and come back at 7.30pm. So to get there on time, I had to leave home at 8.00 am to pack the gear at TWK Studio and pick up the assistant, get to Pinkenba by  9.30 am,  arrive at 11.00am  to have a short meeting with Leanne and Jason and then wait till 3.00pm to start the shoot. We finished around 6.30pm and the caught the 7.30 pm ferry, get back to Brisbane, drop the assistant off and get home by around 9.30pm. There goes a whole day. The whole number of people apart from us at the wedding was seven. Leanne and Jason, his Dad who came from England for the wedding, Leanne’s girlfriend who now lives in Brisbane and the three kids.

We kept our eye open for the Bridesmaid on the ferry who was also bringing the flowers and we waited at the dock together for Leanne and Jason, had a wedding planning session when they arrived and then pretended we were tourists until the shoot.

This is  a TWK Studio Wedding on Moreton Island

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All I can say is what a lovely couple. And what a lovely day.

Photography by Thaddeus from TWK Studio, Assisted by Matthew from TWK Studio

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