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Tod and Justine were both Teneriffe locals who had the good fortune and coincidence to be living just one street apart from each other when they met at The London Club (which also ended up being the venue for their amazing engagement party).

Tod thought this was fate and that it was love at first sight, and Justine pretty soon realized this was the case too, and these best friends and soulmates have been inseparable ever since.

They shared their first kiss by the river at their now famous and special bench, which set the scene for Tod’s Christmas Day bended-knee proposal. Obviously Justine said yes! The last 10 months have been spent planning their amazing wedding day which went off without a hitch with Cloudland being a stunning venue.

There were however a couple of the inevitable pre-wedding glitches, like when Tod and Justine came home from  their morning walk around the river at New Farm to find that Energex had without notice taken over the street for the day to complete major power line works. Normally not a problem, but this was the day of the full rehearsal for their wedding which started in 1 hour and having only taken the electric garage door remote control unit to get in and out of their house, and seeings as there was now no power to the house, they were fully locked out with no keys and no phones! A mild panic ensued and after managing to find a sympathetic and newly wed Energex worker, a 2 storey ladder was taken off 1 of their trucks which then saw Tod and then the technician dangling precariously off the ladder trying to squeeze through a tiny bathroom window with no luck. A roadside meeting of the bosses and a few phone calls later, and thankfully the decision was made to take some shortcuts with what they were doing to get us in. After many futile presses of the garage door opener, the heavens opened and up the door came 20 minutes before the rehearsal started. Panicky phone calls to the celebrant and the venue ensued, and a frantic scramble saw them make it just 5 minutes late, crisis averted!

Tod and Justine’s wedding was different, unique and beautiful in many many ways including them doing away with bridal parties, having an intimate event with just their closest family and friends in attendance, and where the groom designed the wedding cake which wasn’t seen by the bride until the day! It was inspired by their love of music and featured a bride and groom topper made in their likeness, small LP records on the front cascading down the tiers of cake, and a large record on top that had the name of the band written on it , “The Oakroot’s Est 20-10-12” and the track listing, “Tod and Justine, The Perfect Mix” and, “Forever, the JT Love Remix”. To top it all off, Tod is vegan so the cake was made vegan, and without a doubt it was the richest most amazing chocolate mud cake with peanut butter swirls and layers of peanut butter ganache you’d ever tasted.

Tod and Justine’s middle names are somewhat regal being, George and Elizabeth, so as a quirky reminder of the wedding day, their guests bonbonerie’s were a royal wedding inspired commemorative tea towel with a day-of-the-dead sugar skull bride and groom singing love hearts to each other framed by their names and wedding date. Very unique and so fun!

In the week leading up to the wedding, and on the day of and the day after the wedding, Tod surprised Justine with handwritten cards and letters with the most beautiful messages. This continued through to the honeymoon when Tod gave Justine a card on the plane to Singapore, just before the stewardesses brought out and presented a surprise wedding cake mid-flight!


Ceremony: CloudlandRainbow Terrace,

Reception: Cloudland – Cellar Room,

Celebrant: Linda Brewer,

Make up: Peta Lea-Bond –serenemuse.blogspot.com,

Hair: Jaffas (Sam Canino), Dress: Paul Hunt,

Shoes: Joanne Mercer,

Flowers: Bouquet Boutique New Farm,

Grooms attire: charcoal grey pinstripe suit with tan brogues by RM Williams and accessories by Country Road and Thomas Pink,

Hair: Jaffas (Justin Sayer-Cottam),

Wedding rings: designed by Tod and Justine and handmade by Matt Wise Jewellery Sydney,

Stationery: Dos Gorillas / Studio Dos (Laura Perm-Jardin),

Bonbonniere: tea towel designed by Justine and produced by #7th Disaster Screen Printing and Design (Matt Deasy),

Cake: an LP record inspired cake designed by Tod and made by Gemma from L’Miao,

Honeymoon: 2 weeks overseas at Sala Resort Phuket Thailand and Intercontinental Singapore, and 1 week locally in Byron Bay and surrounds.



TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_001 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_002 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_003 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_004 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_005 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_006 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_007 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_008 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_009 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_010 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_011 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_012 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_013 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_014 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_015 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_016 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_017 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_018 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_019 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_020 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_021 TWK_Studio_Tod_Justine_Cloudland_023

Photography by Krista from TWK Studio

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