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The Jewish Wedding Ceremony under the Chuppa

“Under the Chuppa, the bride circles the groom 7 times while someone sings. This is very symbolic and would love some photos of this, especially as we may look at each other when I pass in front of him.

Under the Chuppa, the bride and groom will drink wine twice – my mother in law will lift my veil and feed it to me).

The groom will put the ring on the brides index finger (not the third finger) and says a blessing.

The marriage contact is then read and given to the bride.

Seven honoured guests and family members read the 7 blessings.

A Tallit (prayer shawl) is wrapped around the bride and groom to symbolise their unity. 

Then the glass will be placed in a napkin and the groom steps on it. Then everyone shouts Mazel tov, the band will start to play and everyone will come up to congratulate us.

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Photography by Krista from TWK Studio. Assisted by Thaddeus